To achieve diversity, inclusion, and a feeling by Indigenous employees that they indeed are working in a diversity-valuing organization, it is is very helpful for non-Indigenous employees to receive quality diversity and inclusion training focused on understanding of Indigenous/Native American culture.

It is also important that existing and new Indigenous employees also receive training that will significantly assist them to become more aware and understanding of the Western culture of Canada and the USA.

The culture of Indigenous/Native American Peoples and the culture of non-Indigenous people of mainstream Canada and the USA are very different.

I have visited the largest First Nations reserve in Canada – the Six Nations of the Grand River (which was located previously in New York State).I met with the Director of the Grand River Employment and Training Centre.  We discussed the culture of Indigenous Peoples as well as the day-to-day life experiences of life on a reservation.

Indigenous Peoples/Native American Peoples are very proud of the rich diversity of their Nations and Bands. They have lived in North America for over 1,000 generations.

The preservation of their culture, the land, their traditions, and their ways of life are the soul of Indigenous/Native American Peoples.

Indigenous/Native American Peoples want to focus on the future.  They want to build an engaging, trusting, and mutually respectful relationship with non-Indigenous peoples.

Complimentary Post-Training Personalized Coaching

For our customized training clients, we provide unlimited complimentary post-training coaching for three months after training.  This ensures our clients achieve the highest possible ROI from the training we provided.

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