Our seminar on Human Relationship Skills with Native American Peoples focuses on building a significantly stronger relationship of respect, awareness, understanding, trust, and cultural sensitivity between Native American Peoples and America’s non-Indigenous people.

The Native American Peoples are a highly diverse mosaic band of spiritual people consisting of eight distinct Groups: Northwest Coast; California; Plateau; Great Basin; Southwest; Great Plains; Northeast; and Southeast Native Americans. Each band has unique traditions, customs, ceremonies, and spiritual practices which are sacred.

Our training focuses on explaining key cross cultural relationship issues between both parties and the differences between Native American Peoples cultures and the USA’s mainstream society’s culture so that they significantly better understand each other and can move forward in a relationship of increased mutual awareness, understanding, respect and increased trust.

Complimentary Post-Training Personalized Coaching

For our clients we provide unlimited complimentary post-training coaching for three months after training is completed.  This ensures our clients achieve the highest possible ROI from the training we provided.

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