We all have unconscious biases. They are essential to the functioning of our brain.

Understanding our own unconscious biases and the unconscious biases of other members of an organization is very important to our success at work and to the functioning of the organization.

This knowledge will significantly impact a number of key aspects of one’s contribution at the organization. For example, their are six ways your unconscious biases can affect the quality of your decision making.

We provide clients a clear, user-friendly explanation on how to  overcome your negative unconscious biases and strengthen your positive unconscious biases.

Complimentary Post-Training Support

We enhance our customized training for clients by providing three months of unlimited complimentary post-training coaching to ensure our clients achieve the highest possible ROI from the Unconscious Biases training we provided.

To discuss how we might assist you, please go to main page of our website and click on Book a complimentary 20-minute discussion with Bill; contact me at bill@culturalconnecting.com; or call me at (1) 905-599-6365.

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