Cultural & Generational Training has helped organizations become more successful by overcoming cross-cultural and cross-generational barriers.

Sheridan College

William Dennis has been employed as apart-time faculty member with the School of
Continuing Educations and Corporate Training since September 1979. Over the years,
William has taught a variety of business courses, including Marketing 1, Marketing 2, Professional Sales Techniques, and Advertising & Sales Promotion. As of February 2009, William has taught over 4100 hours for the School of Continuing Educations and
Corporate Training.

William is very conscientious, enthusiastic, and dedicated instructor. The results of his student evaluations have always been positive.

In working with William, I have found him to be receptive to change, cooperates well with administrators, and is very generous in sharing his knowledge and materials with
other faculty members. William has always been helpful to students in advising them of career opportunities in the marketing field.

It is a pleasure having William as a member of our faculty.
Darko Radman
Program Administrator

Barrie and District HRPA Chapter

October 13, 2020

Bill Dennis is an engaging and knowledgeable speaker. Bill recently presented an informative session for the Barrie and District HRPA Chapter on “Understanding People from Different Cultures”.

Bill’s passion and expertise on the topic was evident throughout the presentation.
Bill kept his audience engaged by giving practical examples that could be used in the workplace or everyday life.
I would highly recommend Bill to any organization or individual looking to gain knowledge and insight on cultural differences and how to overcome cultural bias.

Sherry Patterson, CHRP
Programming and Professional Development Chair
Barrie and District HRPA

Bill Dennis Cultural Selling -Oakville Bramgate Volkswagen

Bramgate Volkswagen

January 19, 2014

This past November, we had the pleasure of having Bill Dennis speak to our team about Overcoming Barriers to Multi-Cultural Selling, specifically in working with customers of Indian and Pakistani descent. As we are located in Brampton, ON, we have a large South Asian customer base that we interact with daily. Bill was able to simply and concisely break down the differences in our cultures, perceptions, and beliefs, and suggest new strategies to assist us in our selling activities. Not only did we come away with a new understanding and appreciation of these cultures, but there were also many “AHA”! moments when we finally realized the common mistakes we’d all been making. Armed with new tactics and a better understanding of these important cultural groups, everyone left excited to try out what they had learned.

Bill’s presentation style is informal and very interactive, and he held the attention of our easily-distracted group the entire time he was speaking. He is a pleasure to work with, and I would recommend him without hesitation to anyone looking to overcome their own barriers to multi-cultural selling.

Jeremy Boles
Business Development Manager
Bramgate Volkswagen
268 Queen Street East
Brampton, Ontario L6V 1B9

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Active Health

Dear Bill:

Our clinics management and staff uses each day the highly valuable information provided by your presentation “Connecting with People of Different Cultures, Generations, and Personalities”.

We continue to be impressed with how your practical presentation has significantly increased our understanding and abilities to connect with the increasing variety of people who come to our clinic for therapy.

We strongly recommend your seminar to any organization dealing with the public.


Dr. Scott H. Lee, D.C., B.Sc. (H.K.)

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Bill Dennis Cultural Selling -Oakville Real Estate Board-Testimonial

The Oakville, Milton and District Real Estate Board

To Whom it may Concern,

The Oakville, Milton and District Real Estate Board highly recommends Bill Dennis’s seminar,
“Negotiating & Selling to Different Cultures & Generations” because of the very enthusiastic and
Positive feedback from our Members.

Our course evaluation request that attendees rate 10 key measurements on the quality of a
seminar. It is very impressive that consistently attendees tell us that they are extremely satisfied
with the highly relevant and valuable knowledge provided by “Negotiating & Selling to Different
Cultures & Generations.”
Virtually everyone who has attended recommends this highly interactive
seminar and Bill as the facilitator.

Some comments include,
“Fantastic course. Great information by a great presenter. Very valuable.”
“Speaker had good content and was very engaging. Thank You.”
“Fantastic! Invaluable information!”
“Very informative”
“Fantastic course and speaker”
“Very impressed”

Please feel free to contact me as a professional reference.

Yours truly,


Cindy Amodeo,
Manager of Professional Development And Events

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Applewood_Chev_Cad_Buick_GMC_Logo -bill blog

Applewood Chevrolet Cadillac

Dear Bill:

Your seminar on how to deal with people from different cultures and generations was fantastic!

As general manager of a car dealership right here in the heart of Mississauga, I would highly recommend this course to anyone that is selling any type of product or service in the Greater Toronto Area.

You were right when you said “people don’t know what they don’t know” about understanding and successfully interacting with prospects and customers from various cultures and generations.

Initially I was worried that my staff and I would find it difficult to learn and understand your material about different cultures and different generations because of the complexity of the topic. However, because your seminar was thoroughly researched, well thought out, and clearly presented, my team members and I found your seminar easy to comprehend and fun to learn.

The course moved along at a good pace and was full of highly relevant cultural and generational information. Now that we have a much better understanding, we are finding that we have been able to connect with these people much quicker and have had good success building relationships and selling our products and services.


Lee Wittick,
General Manager

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halton-region-logo-Bill Dennis Blog

Region of Halton

Dear Bill,

Thank you for facilitating “Managing a Diverse Workforce” as part of our Corporate Training Calendar in 2010.

Our staff found your customized presentation focused on connecting and managing people from different cultures, generations, and having different personalities very insightful and practical.

Your constructive interaction with our staff during your presentation was also highly appreciated.

Kind Regards,

Andrew Martin,
Manager, Human Resources Planning and Development

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Hopedale Dental Care - Bill Dennis Blog

Hopedale Dental Care

Bill Dennis presented a most informative and enlightening seminar entitled “Connecting with People of Different Cultures, Generations, and Personalities”.

His personality and presentation approach made this event avery positive experience for our team of professionals at the Hopedale Dental Care clinic.

My staff and I find that we use throughout the day the cultural, generational, and personality insights his information-loaded seminar provided to us.

His cultural information has significantly increased our skill level connecting with the people we are serving from a wide variety of cultures. As a result, we have received a large number of referrals from their cultural associates.

Most of us here at the clinic are Baby Boomers. Bill’s generational information has been very helpful in enhancing our abilities to connect with Traditionalist and Generation “X” and “Y” clients.

With respect to his training on how to be as successful as possible connecting with people of different personalities, we have found the personality knowledge he provided very beneficial in serving clients – some of who can be somewhat challenging at times.

I would highly recommend Bill as a highly professional trained and coach. You will be very satisfied with his high level of knowledge and presentation skills.


Dr. Grant H. Brown DDS

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Prudential - Cultural Selling- Bill Dennis

Prudential Real Estate

I had the pleasure of having Bill present to our company Prudential Town Centre Realty Inc. Brokerage on the topic of Understanding and Negotiating with People of Different Cultures and Generations today. The group consists of independent contractors who are affiliated with our company. The group found the topic and presentation both thought provoking and informative. All viewed the session positively with the notion of recognizing cultural and generational differences and how they may affect negotiations in any potential dealings. All suggested that they have a greater appreciation for the differences that may exist and will be more cognizant of these differences in their dealings moving forward.

Personally, my business success ratio has improved by more than 50% using knowledge directly gleaned in the seminar when negotiating with peoples of different cultures and generations.

Bill is highly skilled as a presenter and has a good grasp of audio visual tools. He uses a good mixture of lecture, case study and interaction with the group. I definitely would recommend Bill Dennis work in this field to anyone contemplating using his services or presentations going forward.


George Dlugosh
Broker Manager
Prudential Town Centre Realty Brokerage

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Quantum Realty Brokerage -Sutton- Bill Dennis Cultural Selling

Quantum Realty Brokerage – Sutton

Dear Bill Dennis,

I appreciate the time you recently took to discuss “Connecting with People of Different Cultures, Generations, and Personalities”. We found your course to be extremely informative, relevant and interesting.

I enthusiastically recommend Bill to train at any other Real Estate Office and/or any other company dealing with the public.

Thank you again for your efforts and professionalism.


Tina Gardin
Principal Broker of record/Owner

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Quantum Realty Brokerage -Sutton- Bill Dennis Cultural SellingThank you for presenting the above-noted program at our Sutton Group Quantum Brokerage on February 14th.

Your program’s research shows, amazingly, how people of various cultures, generations and personality styles think and act differently – no better, no worse, but different just the same.

Your personal knowledge and your research into these three areas will go far in helping members of the real estate industry gain a better understanding, and become more aware, of how best they can assist buyers and sellers as they consume real estate services and products.

We were all impressed on how much you interacted with the participants and also took the time to clearly and concisely answer each question with valuable insights and sensitivity.

Again, Bill thank you for sharing this valuable information.


Belle Jean                
Sales Representative 

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CSAE - Canadian Society of Association Executive logo-Bill Dennis Blog

Canadian Society of Association Executives (CSAE)

Dear Bill:

On behalf of the Canadian Association of Association Executives (CSAE), Trillium Chapter, I would like to express our appreciation for your highly informative presentation entitled “Successful Cross-Cultural Management”.

Members at your seminar found your presentation highly insightful. Your presentation resulted in participants significantly increasing their understanding of individuals from different cultures and how to build and manage a successful multi-cultural team.

Participants also appreciated that your seminar was highly interactive with you clearly answering questions from the audience.

It is with pleasure that we recommend you as a highly knowledgeable and effective presenter.

Yours truly,

Tracy Blyth, CAE      
Executive Director

HomeHardwareLogo - Bill Dennis Blog

Home Hardware

Your seminar on selling to different people of different generations and personality styles was very informative.

The attendees at your presentation noted that you were a great speaker with great content.

Thank you for the time you spent preparing and delivering the presentation as well as the time you spent following up with individuals afterwards.

Jenny Ditner
Retail Education and Communication Service Coordinator
Home Hardware Stores Limited

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Mississauga Board of Trade-logo

Mississauga Board of Trade

On behalf of the Mississauga Board of Trade (MBOT), I would like to thank you for your contributions in presenting at our MBOT Business Learning seminar in April 0212 and the recent ITS (Internationally Trained & Skilled) in Mississauga program event.

The topics of “Communicating with all Cultures” and “Five Secrets to Cross-Cultural Management” were very relevant for our audiences of business owners and managers. In an increasingly diverse community such as Mississauga were our workplaces and customer base is comprised of people from various countries, backgrounds, history, cultures and personalities, cultural diversity awareness becomes ever more important to the success of businesses and business professionals.

Your presentations conveyed a tremendous amount of knowledge and insight that will be of great value to anyone that works with people of different cultures. While these topics can be sensitive, you handled it with great professionalism, especially given that it is research based.
Once again, we thank you for working with us, and would be pleased to serve as a professional reference on your behalf.

Sheldon Leiba
President and CEO

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International Customer Service Association (ICSATC)

Dear Bill:

Thank you for speaking at our annual ICSA event. Our members found your presentation “Connecting with People from Different Cultures” fascinating.

Your insightful and professional presentation on how our members can implement powerful cultural “competitive edges” in providing excellence in customer service was well received.

It appears that several of our members will be contacting you to discuss providing cultural training and mentoring to their Customer Service Teams.

We look forward to inviting you back to make a presentation on “Connecting with People from Different Generations”!

Your presentation added a valuable aspect to the essence of customer service – “Enhancing the Customer Experience”!

Best Regards,

Dolly Konzelmann
President, ICSA Toronto Chapter
25 Royal Crest Court, Unit 5
Markham, ON L3R 9X4

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