In today’s workplace of the mosaic of employees from different cultures, cultural sensitivity training is important to building and managing a successful multicultural team.

Without diversity training focused specifically on multicultural team building and management, a manager can find themselves trying to overcome a variety of cross-cultural team challenges. It is difficult to be as successful as possible building and managing a multicultural team if you do not understand the different cultures of team members and how to adapt to such a variety of cultures.

Bill’s commitment is to provide the highest possible value to clients of intercultural understanding, insights, and information.  The value of our multicultural team training is significantly enhanced by providing complimentary post-presentation support.

I specialize in cultural presentations that are 100% customized since that allows me to focus on the specific intercultural team challenges a manager is experiencing. Each presentation is “information-rich” to ensure a manager gains valuable diversity insights, knowledge, and intercultural tools.

My cultural competency training provides the key “Do’s” and “Don’ts” of becoming more successful with employees from specific cultures.

Complimentary Post-Training Personalized Coaching

For our clients we provide complimentary post-training coaching for two months after training is completed to make sure our clients achieve the highest possible ROI from the training we provided.  After that, this coaching is provided at a reasonable rate.

Complimentary Consultation

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