Understanding the cross-cultural business differences in foreign countries is important to winning business or maintaining business relationships with individuals in foreign countries.

Bill’s commitment is to provide the highest level of intercultural understanding, insights, and information to clients.  The training value we provide is significantly enhanced by providing complimentary post-presentation support.

Our cultural competency training focused on intercultural business skills that will provide you with the valuable insights and cross-cultural business practices that you need to know to be  more successfully win business in different countries. 

Whatever your cultural background, if you do not understand a prospect’s cultural “way of doing business” in a foreign country, you will tend to automatically try to do business “your way”- namely the way that business is conducted in your culture since your culture is the only culture you really know.

That lack of cultural sensitivity to business practice differences of a foreign country can lose you business.  You will wonder why the business opportunity with them seemed to drift away.

In effect, you are trying to sell to a culturally-different person but you are doing so “culturally-blind”.  They are usually very sensitive to your lack of interest or understanding about their culture’s “ways of doing business”.

We enhance the value of this seminar by incorporating  in the seminar the highly regarded Cultural Comparison Tool that has been used by 75% of the Fortune 500 companies. This intercultural tool enables clients to see where they will have significant cultural gaps with individuals from one/more specific countries and recommends the adaptive behaviors they should use.

Complimentary Post-Training Support 

Please note that we provide our clients three types of complimentary post-presentation support to make sure they achieve the highest possible ROI from their cross cultural training investment from us – Implementation CoachingMonthly Cultural Events Report; and Cultural Profiles.

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