The ways that Asian cultures think and behave are dramatically different than that of the Westerner cultures.

The Asian ways of thinking, reasoning, interpreting, communicating, social behavior, and understanding are virtually opposite in many ways to that of Western cultures.

By understanding the Asian cultures and their social behavior and how and why there are differences compared to Western cultures, individuals from the West can become significantly more successful in areas such as doing business; selling to; connecting with; and/or managing  Asian employees.

Of course, our cultural competency training can equally serve Asian clients who want to become as successfully as possible interacting with mainstream Canadians and mainstream Americans.

We enhance the value of this seminar by incorporating in this seminar our cultural sensitivity tool Your Cultural Profile Report and Your Cultural Gaps and Barriers Report identifying the cross-cultural gaps and barriers you have with people in/from up to 100 countries and outlines how you can overcome the specific cultural gaps and barriers you have with them.

Complimentary Post-Training Personalized Coaching

For our clients we provide complimentary post-training coaching for 3 months after training is completed to make sure our clients achieve the highest possible ROI from the training we provided.  After that, this coaching is provided at a reasonable rate.

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