What is an appropriate human relationship skills in one country can be seen as culturally inappropriate, insensitive, rude, or outright offensive in a foreign country.

Individuals who do not have cultural sensitivity training about that foreign country’s human relationship skills can unintentionally trigger cross-cultural negative emotions and erect relationship barriers with culturally-different individuals.

It is very important to understand and learn how to align yourself with the acceptable relationship practices of a individuals in a culturally-different foreign country. Their people will appreciated that you are respecting their cultural and being culturally sensitive to their culture’s relationship customs and traditions.

Complimentary Post-Training Support 

For our clients who have asked us for a customized seminar, we provide complimentary post-training support to make sure they achieve the highest possible ROI from their investment in cross-cultural training from our company. Specifically: Implementation Coaching; Monthly Cultural Events Report; and Cultural Profiles.

For a complimentary discussion on how I might assist you, please go to the Contact Bill tab of this website; or send me an e-mail at bill@crossculturalconnecting.com; or call me at 905-599-6365.

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