If you are not aware of how other people with a different personality than yours think and want to interact, you will automatically engage with them according to your personality style. That is the natural way you engage with someone else.

However, you could be unknowingly providing them a very negative experience. People very much prefer to engage with people with a similar personality style as their own. For example, if you are an enthusiastic person, your enthusiasm can be a seen as a big negative by someone with a different personality style than yours.

Our training will enable you to quickly identify what type of personality another person has and how to adapt and quickly align with their personality style. That is very important to them and your success with them.

People want to engage with another person they can quickly understand and feel comfortable meeting. For example, people have a strong tendency to purchase from a salesperson like themselves. Since the sales person has a similar personality as theirs, they feel more comfortable and trusting with what that sales person is saying to them.

Complimentary Post-Training Personalized Coaching

For our clients we provide unlimited complimentary post-training coaching for 3 months after training is completed to make sure our clients achieve the highest possible ROI from the training we provided. After that, this coaching is provided at a reasonable rate.

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