Most people do not think about the fact that each generation has its own “generational culture”. Each generation has a very different culture.

Their “generational culture” is their motivations, values, beliefs, expectations, and the other “Do’s” and “Don’ts” of their generation.

Usually people connect with people who they can relate to and who make them feel comfortable.  If you want to connect with a person from a different generation as successfully as possible, the key is to understand their generation’s culture so that you can adapt and connect with them according to their generation’s “comfort zone”.

If you do not understand their “generational ways”, they will see you as someone who wants to do things “your way”.  They will feel that you have little knowledge or interest in connecting with them according to their generational preferences. We are here to overcome that obstacle to success for you!

It is pretty hard to connect and build a relationship with someone from a different generation when there is a significant “generational gap” between both of you!

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