The key to being as successful as possible connecting and developing a relationship with someone from a different culture is to be both aware and understand the most important areas of their culture; their cultural DNA; and their key cultural preferences of engagement with someone from outside their culture.

The starting point is for you to be self-aware of your own cultural unconscious biases, predispositions, and preferences and how to modify your interaction with a culturally-different individual so that you are align with their “Cultural Comfort Zone”.

If you do not understand their “Cultural Comfort Zone”, you are lacking important cultural interpersonal skills. As a result, you will unintentionally try to develop a relationship with them according your own “Cultural Comfort Zone”.  That can be a big mistake.

A culturally-different individual will usually interpret the cross-cultural mistakes you are making as you not respecting their culture and their cultural preferences. You apparently only want to do things “your way”.

Their poor experience of engaging with you can significantly limit your success with them. They will often conclude that you cannot relate to them and engaging with you is a waste of time.

Our cultural sensitivity seminar will include a highly respected third-party Cultural Analysis Profile Report and Cultural Gaps Report. It identifies the cross-cultural gaps and barriers you have with people from up to 100 countries. We train you how to overcome these cultural gaps and resulting barriers you unknowingly have with people from different cultures.

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