We all have powerful unconscious biases. Our training of unconscious biases can be customized to focus on your specific challenging situation(s).

Our unconscious biases training is offered on all types of unconscious biases. It is not only on cultural/generational and/or personality style unconscious biases.

Neuroscientists tell us that our brain automatically relies heavily on our unconscious biases to optimize our brain’s performance.

We are unaware when our unconscious biases are triggered.  We are unaware how powerful our unconscious biases impact our behavior and thinking since they operate below our brain’s conscious level.

We can also provide training on managing your conscious biases. They are often powerfully impact our behavior and thinking.

Unconscious and conscious biases strongly control how you engage with an individual; interact with team members; or make your presence in an organization. Your unconscious and conscious biases can be positive or negative.

Both our unconscious and conscious biases can largely determine how people see you and react to you.

Both type of biases can significantly determine your success, or lack of success, in life. So it is important you increasingly control both of them ……rather than them controlling you.

Our training significantly increases your understanding and your ability to self-manage your unconscious and conscious biases.

We provide clients a clear, user-friendly explanation of how to  overcome your negative biases and strengthen your positive biases.

Complimentary Post-Training Support

We enhance our customized training for clients by providing three months of unlimited complimentary post-training coaching to ensure our clients achieve the highest possible ROI from the Unconscious Biases training we provided.

To discuss how we might assist you, please go to main page of our website and click on Book a complimentary 20-minute discussion with Bill; contact me at bill@culturalconnecting.com; or call me at (1) 905-599-6365.

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