We all have powerful unconscious biases. They are absolutely essential to the proper functioning of our brain. Our unconscious biases enable our brain to avoid “information overload”. Our brain’s work of sorting and filtering the huge flow of incoming information use unconscious biases 90% of the time to make sense and meaning of the huge information inflow it is experiencing.

Our unconscious biases are subconscious to us. We do not know when they are triggered and are decisively and closely working with our conscious brain. Our unconscious biases strongly determine our thinking; feelings; and behaviors at work. As a result, they also significantly determines how fellow employees see us; think they understand us; and react to us.

Understanding our own unconscious biases and the ability to identify and understand the unconscious biases of other members of an organization is very important to our success in the workplace.

Since the workplace has become increasingly multicultural; multigenerational; with employees having different personality styles, we have made an important step forward by now provide training and coaching on the unconscious biases of the different types of cultures of the world; the different generations; and the different personality styles.

Complimentary Post-Training Support

We enhance our customized training for clients by providing three months of unlimited complimentary post-training coaching.

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