When selling to a prospect from a different generation than the sales professional’s own generation, often sales professionals will not identified nor clearly understand the key beliefs, values, viewpoints, expectations, and other very powerful generational aspects of a prospect who is from a different generation.

As a result, a sales professional will likely automatically try to sell to someone from a different generation like they sell to people from their own generation. This results in them making cross-generational sales mistakes which can significantly limit their success with such prospects.

Each generation has a powerful group of generational dimensions and unconscious biases. It is their “Generational DNA”.

Each Generation has a very different DNA.

It is very important when selling to a generationally-different prospect to align your selling with their “Generational DNA”.  Failure to do so can easily result in them concluding that you cannot really relate to them; that you only want to only engage with them “your way”; and you end up wonder why they drifted away as a prospect.

I will train you how to “stand out” as a cross-generational sales professional.

You will gain valuable understanding of the generations of interest to you; your cross-generational gaps with these different generations; and you will have “competitive edges” when selling to customers from diverse generations.

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