When selling to a prospect from a different generation than their own, sales professionals will often not be aware of the important generational beliefs, values, viewpoints, and expectations of the prospect.

Lacking that knowledge, the sales professional will try to sell to generationally-different prospects the same way they sell to people from their own generation. After all, that is the only generation they really understand.

As a result,  the sales person will unintentionally make cross-generational sales mistakes which will significantly limit their success with a generationally-different prospect.

It is very important when selling to a generationally-different prospect to understand, adapt, and align your selling approach to the prospect’s “Generational Comfort Zone”.

Failure to do so can easily result in a generationally-different prospect concluding that you don not understand them; cannot really relate to them; and only want to only engage with them “your way”.

You wonder why you did not successfully sell to them?

We will to turn all that around for you.  I will train you how to “stand out” as a state-of-the-art cross-generational sales professional. These are important “competitive edges” when selling to customers from different generations.

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For customized training clients we provide unlimited complimentary post-training coaching for three months after the training is completed.  This ensure our clients achieve the highest possible ROI from our training.

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