An individual’s personality style results in them having powerful personality-based unconscious biases. The unconscious biases of each different personality styles are very different.

If you are trying to engage with someone who has a different personality than you and you are not aligned with the unconscious biases of their personality style, you will often find they will tend to ignore you or resist your effort to engage with them in a meaningful way. That is because your unconscious personality biases are unacceptable/irritating to them.

Our personality styles training will enable you to quickly identify an individual’s personality style; understand the unconscious biases of their personality; how you should adapt your approach so that you are aligned with their personality style’s unconscious biases; and how to engage with them in their “Personality Comfort Zone”.

Without this training, you can often find yourself misfiring with them since you will automatically be trying to connect and engage with them according to your “Personality Comfort Zone”. They come to the conclusion you cannot relate to them.

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