Selling to Different Personalities

Sales professionals are increasingly being challenged by the wide variety of individuals they are encountering having different personality styles.

One of the most important “competitive edges” a sales professional can develop in today’s highly competitive marketplace is to become significantly more aware, sensitive, and knowledgeable  the four types of personality styles.

Understanding and being skilled at interacting with individuals with different personality styles is essential in winning profitable business. After all, people typically buy from sales professionals who have a personality style like their own.


Personality Styles

Psychologists have determined there are four types (i.e. styles) of personalities and each person has a dominant personality.

Many people have two or three personality styles but there is only one style that is dominant.

Each type of personality has a preferred way they want you communicate with them.

The four personality styles:


A “Driver” is a control person.

They are interested in the “bottom line”.


An “Expressive” is a social person.

They want to be interactive and appreciated.


An “Analytical” is a technical person.

They want details and logic.


An Amiable is a supportive person.

They are relationship people.